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During the past few weeks of the ADP journey, the “Keys to Teaching and Learning” section has provided valuable insights and tools to enhance my teaching practices. As I reflect on this portion of the program, there are a few key highlights that stand out to me:

Active Learning Strategies: One of my most significant takeaways has been the importance of active learning in the classroom. The idea that students learn best when actively engaged in the material struck a chord. The concept of flipping the classroom or incorporating more interactive activities into lectures is something I hope to incorporate into my teaching. It’s not just about delivering content; it’s about creating an environment where students can actively participate and apply their knowledge.

Feedback and Assessment: The emphasis on timely and constructive feedback resonated. It’s easy to overlook the impact of feedback on students’ learning experiences. I plan to implement more formative assessments and provide specific, actionable feedback to help students improve continuously. This helps them understand their progress and shows that I am invested in their learning journey.

Technology and Student Perspective: The “ah-ha” moment for me was the realization that technology can be intimidating for students. As instructors, we often assume that students are familiar with our tools. However, features like the “Start Submission” button can be daunting for some. This insight has made me more aware of the need to provide clear instructions and support for technology-related tasks. I will strive to create a more user-friendly online learning environment by considering the student’s perspective.

The Keys to Teaching and Learning portion of the ADP journey has been an enriching experience. It has provided me with practical strategies and a fresh perspective on teaching. As I continue my educational journey, I look forward to incorporating active learning, enhancing feedback mechanisms, and being more mindful of the student experience in the digital realm. This reflection serves as a reminder of the valuable insights gained during this program, and I am excited to implement these ideas in my teaching practice.

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