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Digital Customer Service

In this day of global access to products, it is increasingly important to understand your consumers. We understand that mistakes are going to happen, but it is what the company does with the mistakes that is essential. Through social media and reviews, we are given a voice to reach hundreds of potential consumers like us and tell them how great or awful customer service is with the company. If something goes wrong, admit the error, apologize and then make it right. If the issue is posted on social media, acknowledge the complaint, resolve the issue and move on, don’t dodge the problem and definitely don’t blame your consumer for it. This is the first kiss of death for a business of today. As more companies vie for the attention of the consumer, your reputation is one of the most significant assets your organization has and how you manage it will determine your success. I learned a lot from this interaction with my host and know full well that one customer will not make or break a business, but my moving hosts wasn’t about breaking the company, but me exercising my rights as a consumer to spend my money with a company who wants my business.

Join Keith as he discusses digital customer service in our next episode of #thedigitalrevolutionpodcast.

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