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The Impact of Transition from Home to Host Culture on the International Student’s Academic Persistence Decision

An upcoming Graduate Educational Research Conference on March 17th at the University of Windsor will feature a presentation delivered by Keith J Connell, a well-respected and experienced educator. The presentation will focus on the challenges that international students face in understanding North American academic integrity policies. It is expected to be a valuable resource for educators, administrators, and international students seeking to improve their understanding and implementation of academic integrity in this context.

Keith’s presentation will delve into the complexities of academic integrity in North America and explore the differences in academic practices between North America and other cultures. It will also highlight international students’ challenges in comprehending and adhering to academic integrity guidelines.

Interactive Engagement

The presentation will be an interactive session, providing attendees with opportunities to engage in discussions and ask questions of Keith. This will allow educators, colleagues, and international students to share their experiences and perspectives on academic integrity and learn from one another. Keith’s extensive education experience and dedication to improving academic integrity practices make him an excellent resource for those seeking to improve their understanding and implementation of academic integrity guidelines. The conference promises to be an informative and engaging event that will benefit all attendees.

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