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Lifelong learning begins with a single spark.

Let's change the way we learn!Lifelong learning starts with a single spark!Mentorship gives students the help they need.

Keith has had over thirty years helping major organizations in the manufacturing sector with their digital and traditional marketing challenges. His insight and passion have led him into a career as an educator. He remains committed to bringing change into the classroom in terms of assessment types and using technology to bring the material to life. He believes that “the world is changing. The only way to provide the students with the information that they need, is to evolve with the world.”

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What People Say

Some kind words from people he has worked with…

“He really knows his stuff!”

Keith understands business systems and processes. His ideas are thought-provoking and insightful! A natural leader.

Colleague at University of Fredericton

“My favorite Prof”

I enjoy going to Keith’s class because he helps me understand the Internet. He is fun and gets the class motivated. My favorite teacher by far.

Student studying Marketing Performance Management

“Hyper focussed”

Keith is dialed-in. He knows how to get things done and he does it without the need to follow-up. His work is both creative and he backs it up with data.

Another satisfied website design client.

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Educational Leadership.

Let’s work together to remove all barriers in the classroom so that our students can achieve and exceed their dreams.