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Keith Connell, a Professor of Design and Visual Arts at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, has an extensive background in both academia and the corporate world. Prior to his current role, he served as a Program Coordinator for Business, Marketing, Computer Studies, and Interactive Media Web Design. Throughout his tenure in these roles, Keith gained invaluable insights into the unique challenges and remarkable resilience of marginalized and international students in Canada.

His academic journey is enriched by the diverse roles he played during his careers. His robust corporate background has equipped him with a wealth of knowledge, facilitating the ability to teach in various disciplines, including Digital Content Creation and Strategy, Big Data, Computer Studies, and Business. This multifaceted expertise enables him to provide a well-rounded educational experience to his students.

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Keith is focused on making significant contributions to the field of education. His research spotlights the experiences of international students and their resilience and choice to persist in higher education. With a strong commitment to promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization within the classroom, he aims to develop best practices that enhance the educational landscape.

Keith’s dedication to lifelong learning and growth reflects his philosophy: “It’s a great day to learn something new”, seeing himself as both teacher and student. He holds two diplomas, one in Advertising Marketing Communications and another in Computer Studies, both earned from Georgian College. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from York University and an MBA from the University of Fredericton, specializing in leadership and innovation.

Welcome to the Digital [R]Evolution™.

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Let’s start understanding the digital ecosystem at the beginning – in the classroom.

The digital ecosystem is constantly evolving. Ten years ago we only imagined what a quantum computer could produce. Now they are driving the next level of innovation. This means the Digital [R]Evolution™ will start in the classroom and move to the boardroom through artificial intelligence, robotics and individual micro-targeting personalization.


Connecting the dots between what was and what will be in a digital world.

There has never been a more immersive experience and opportunity than to research how digital technology will continue to shape our lives. This level of change is what is meant by a Digital [R]Evolution™ and how it impacts our manufacturing capabilities, education, commerce, and you.

Digital Marketing Strategies

It’s time to look at the pain points of business and craft a method of relieving those issues.

Whether it is falling productivity, low employee engagement, or declining sales, these pain points are symptoms of bigger issues. If your organization is not optimally structured, or it is not designed to capture benefits from the Digital [R]Evolution™, that’s good news for your competition.

Educational Leadership

Digital transformation strategies arise from trends in technology and consumer behaviour.

There are so many areas of business that we grow up thinking we know. Whether in the classroom or the boardroom, understanding the leading edge of 4IR of business, consumer behaviour and social media has never been more significant. Help is here.

Higher education and adult learning can be mutually rewarding.

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As a facilitator in higher education at Georgian College and York University, there are times that one feels isolated and alone when delivering remote education. By building a community in the classroom, one based on mutual respect, honesty and common goals, many of the challenges such as academic misconduct seem to disappear. Learning to engage groups of learners is essential moving forward.

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Educational leadership means understanding your subject matter. Image of Keith's Understanding and Navigating WordPress ebook.

Understanding and Navigating WordPress

This ebook takes the novice adopter of WordPress into the platform and support understanding of the ecosystem. It also offers the reader a broader context of digital marketing strategies.