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From Multi-Generational Workplaces to Emotional Intelligence at Work

Inclusive Boardroom FacilitationInteractive DeliveryHighly Engaging MaterialMost Relevant TopicsMultimedia Delivery Techniques

A unique brand of andragogy brings an inclusive universal design learning model in the boardroom to ensure your employees are involved and learning. Advanced multimedia delivery methods for engagement and facilitation.

Corporate Training Programs Delivered To Your Boardroom

Drawing from personal experiences, fundamentals of the material are laid out in easy to understand language with real-world examples.

CT 0032 – Change Management

This course explains the various concepts involved with introducing and executing change within the workplace. This is very well-suited for junior leadership to mid-level leadership teams.

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CT 0035 – Developing Effective Teams

This course discusses techniques for team building through a variety of foundational lenses. From Tuckman's 'forming, storming, norming, and performing model to understanding how to leverage the Pareto principle, students gain a deeper insight into the development of effective teams. 

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