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This course is designed for mid-level managers enrolled in a required course within the Executive MBA program. Students who successfully complete this course will:

  • Discuss systems theories and concepts (e.g. General Systems Theory, Dynamic Systems) and how they apply to organization and managerial systems diagnosis and design
  • Visually depict (diagram), analyze, and discuss the interconnections and value exchanges between multiple stakeholders including customers, workforce, suppliers, and partners, investors, society, and community, and the natural environment
  • Develop visual depictions (diagrams) to make dynamic, complex systems (components and relationships) visible for collaborative understanding, analysis, and design
  • Compare and contrast the different types and natures of sociocultural and operational systems found in organizations, and how their type and nature influence the diagnosis and most effective design
  • Using critical-thinking and a holistic perspective, evaluate organization systems and sub-systems based on relevant theories, empirical evidence, and the organization’s stakeholders, strategy, culture, overall system, and unique context
  • Synthesize systems concepts, theories, research, and assessment to develop new, idealized designs that create value for the multiple stakeholders
  • Translate idealized designs into action plans with prioritized system changes and recommended sequence
  • Effectively collaborate with a virtual team to produce quality results