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Managerial roles and responsibilities are becoming increasingly global in nature. In many companies, the ability to manage in a global environment has become an important criterion (if not the most important criterion) for both executive promotion to top management levels and concomitant business success in the modern world. This course integrates the three core dimensions of leadership, culture, and technology. This course is first and foremost a leadership course – specifically, leadership of virtual global teams. In order to be successful leading virtual global teams, one must understand the cultural aspects, the tools and techniques virtual teams, and when and how to use technology to support the process. Each week students will study different aspects and issues of culture along with tools and techniques for virtual teams, and the associated technology. This course begins with an orientation on virtual teams and global leadership and ends with a focus on considerations for developing an organizational environment to support virtual ways of working. In between, the course will focus on important topics like the understanding of cultural differences, business communication in a virtual global context, skills for dealing with conflict; and developing multi-cultural teams in the virtual environment.