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Keith develops educational tools that facilitators and students can use in the classroom. From class planning tools to application-specific tools, everyone wins.

ADP Teaching Observations

2023-09-23T19:31:36+00:00September 23, 2023|ADP Portfolio, Educational Tools|

The Teaching Observations Form provides a comprehensive overview of my recent observations in a teaching environment. During this observation, I closely examined various aspects of the teaching process from other instructors, noting strengths and improvement areas in my classroom.


2023-09-23T19:27:25+00:00September 20, 2023|ADP Portfolio, BOPPS, Educational Tools|

In my ongoing dedication to crafting captivating and stimulating class experiences, I've initiated converting the BOPPS form into an HTML format. This transformation ensures that my classes remain engaging and interesting and provides me with continuous accessibility to the associated files, further enhancing the teaching and learning process.

Class Planning Tool

2023-09-23T19:31:12+00:00November 13, 2021|Educational Tools|

Let's be honest, planning a course or a class is a lot of work. Using this class planning tool can assist you in developing the right material based on the learning outcomes of the course.

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